Here they are with their nice fluffy frosting! We topped them with some dark cocoa cane sugar (yes, I have lots of baking things), but I thought of doing that kind of late so the frosting had hardened a bit and not a lot of it stuck.

St. Patrick’s Day

I’m sitting at home on St. Patrick’s Day, wondering exactly why I’m sitting at home. There is snow outside; thus, work was canceled. This doesn’t make sense. But I’ll tell … Continue Reading →

Apple cider cream pie

EMC Spotlight

As I’ve noted in several of my blog posts, I get together with some friends weekly for a dinner+movie night. It’s a “club” of nine of us, with occasional special … Continue Reading →

I settled on this particular recipe because the time needed was much less than others I saw. My dough was very wet and sticky (so I kept adding flour), but the final results were great!

Cool Runnings

For my choice for Excellent Movies Club, I decided on Cool Runnings (available on Amazon Prime!). It was a movie I had never ever seen despite being told how great … Continue Reading →

I was in love.

Deep Dish Pizza

This post is pretty belated. 9 months belated, to be exact. But it’s still worth posting about because it was THE BEST PIZZA EVER. I got together with my cousin … Continue Reading →

I call this "tableau winter noir". Here are the final hot chocolate products, along with maneki neko and a Christmas card from friends.

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

Last year, I really wanted to make hot chocolate on a stick during the winter holidays. It’s a fun idea and I thought it’d make a cute gift for people. … Continue Reading →

I individually wrapped the pops and tied them with ribbon that MATCHED, and stuck on tags to fancify them. I found some templates online and did these in Microsoft Word. I also did not have access to a color printer, so...THIS WAS THE BEST I COULD DO.

Wedding Cake Pops

I haven’t posted since September. You may be thinking that’s not…out of the ordinary for THIS blogger! But it is a little bit. My blog underwent reconstruction! In case you … Continue Reading →


May The Fondant Be With You

*Note: This post is very photo-heavy. Hooray!* My coworker-friend (co-friend/friendworker?) talked to me very far in advance about possibly baking for her son’s birthday, saying that she has lots of … Continue Reading →

A portion of the final product. I alternated pellets with ghosts around the edge, and the cherries are there somewhere too.


Greg’s birthday was at the end of July and I obviously tasked myself with making his birthday cake. I’d never been able to make him a birthday cake, so I … Continue Reading →

From the side. Put half-Oreos along the bottom.

Groom’s Cake

Going back to June, my friend who was about to get married approached me about making a “groom’s cake” before the wedding. Her family was hosting a huge henna party … Continue Reading →

Of course we couldn't decide between sunny-side up or scrambled eggs, so we added both to the skillet. Onward egg!

Breakfast Skillet

One lazy Saturday afternoon, Greg and I tried our hand at a breakfast skillet, after consulting Pioneer Woman, of course. I even entered his apartment building lugging my cast-iron skillet, … Continue Reading →