Breakfast Skillet

One lazy Saturday afternoon, Greg and I tried our hand at a breakfast skillet, after consulting Pioneer Woman, of course. I even entered his apartment building lugging my cast-iron skillet, and hopefully people didn’t just think I was crazy — I was on a mission! We walked to the store for our ingredients because walking to the store is a thing you can do from Greg’s place! Good thing, too, because the meal we were about to have was not going to be light in calories. Instead of diced ham, we opted for ground sausage; otherwise, besides the hash browns and potato wedges, you can probably make your own veggie substitutions. We definitely used onion and peppers because gee whiz, duh.

The makings of the breakfast skillet.

Of course we couldn’t decide between sunny-side up or scrambled eggs, so we added both to the skillet. Onward egg!

Brunch served!

Seconds were had. And our friend who came to pick us up for a movie couldn’t resist having some either, even though he had just eaten. The part that took longest was trying to get the potato wedges fried and hash browns crispy – I think I skimped on the oil, but it was definitely still edible! The rest of it is pretty simple, once you have everything cut and ready to go. Try it! And it can be eaten at any time of day! Trust.

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