Pink Lemonade Cupcakes

To continue with the baking I did for my friend’s wedding, here are the cupcakes I made for her bachelorette party. The party was in mid-May and the weather was getting quite lovely, so I wanted something kind of light and refreshing. Again, my adviser proposed the idea of pink lemonade cupcakes. And it sounded just right for the event.

Searching on yummly found me this recipe, which uses boxed cake mix (shhh!). At least I’m honest about my “secrets”.

I found these cute pink flower wrappers at Michael’s. Here they are before they’re frosted.

And here they are frosted. I made a “traditional” buttercream frosting, but added pink lemonade concentrate, lemon zest, and pink food coloring. (I may not have used pink food coloring, but I can’t remember. The juice concentrate itself adds a subtle touch of pink.)

Close up. I dusted them with these translucent sprinkle flakes (not pictured).

And the obligatory taste test. The pink sugar on the bottom of each cupcake really adds a nice touch, visually and taste…ly.

Unfortunately, these were hardly touched at the party – but only because we really spent the whole day eating, including a whole lot of sweets. Another bridesmaid asked for the recipe, and I shared the leftovers with my softball team, who liked them as well. I really loved the pink lemonade-ness of them – from the smell to the look to the taste. The colored sugar really made it feel like you were eating pink lemonade, even if that sounds weird. They weren’t overly sweet and they were just tart enough – I think the lemon zest in the frosting adds that extra little something, too. These would be great to serve at a summer BBQ!

By the way, this is my first post from my new apartment! I’m still somewhat getting settled (as I’ve been here for less than a week so far), so perhaps later you’ll get some peeks at my new digs (do people still say this?)!


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