Peppermint Chocolate Cake

Excuse my…short vacation. I’ve fallen very behind, so I’ll do my best to catch up quickly!

…Two months ago, my friend (whom I’ve known since high school) had her wedding shower. Well, her maid-of-honor and bridesmaids (including me :)) were in charge of planning it. I volunteered to bring the cake – we decided that we would need a sheet cake since there was quite a crowd coming. I had trouble deciding between a red velvet cake and this peppermint patty cake, but we settled on a double-layer peppermint patty cake because it seemed more ‘different’, and we felt the bride-to-be would like the combination of chocolate and mint. The week of, I got a bit nervous about making it since it was a new recipe to me, so I decided to make a trial cake. I bought this half-sheet pan because I didn’t want to just serve it out of a disposable pan, and I needed to make two layers. Another bridesmaid gave me a lovely platter that we could display the cake on, so I wanted to work with that.

I reviewed the recipe and noticed there was a discrepancy in number of eggs between the ingredient list and directions. For my trial cake, I went with two eggs, which turned out to be the wrong decision. The cake turned out so thin, I was very disappointed — but glad that this was a trial!! I was going to bring this cake into work, so I ended up slicing it in three and making it a rectangular layer cake.

Turned out looking sort of like a black forest cake. See how thin that cake turned out??

Side view – I went with the vanilla mint frosting (sans real vanilla bean…and with my own ratio of butter and sugar), and not the chocolate frosting, obviously.

I chopped up peppermint patties and chocolate for the top.

A closer look…because that’s necessary.

And another picture because I can! It seemed small to me, but actually served a decent number of coworkers.

Even though the cake didn’t seem ‘right’, I still wanted to do it for the shower, but figured I’d make some changes. I used just one egg and store-bought buttermilk (rather than my milk and vinegar substitute). The first layer was successful! It was thicker and fluffier, not thin and dense. I flipped it out onto the platter and had to trim it a bit so it’d fit nicely. The hard part was turning out the second layer on top of it. How many people did it take to figure that out? Three. I turned the layer onto my silpat mat, and while my parents held that and kinda loosely shook it off, I aligned it with the bottom layer, and they kept pulling the silpat away. Phew. Then I had to trim that layer.

Look how much nicer those cakes turned out! One egg, people – that’s all it takes! I did rather thin layers of frosting since my friend had told me she doesn’t like a ton of frosting.

It took me some time to figure out what to write on top…I googled bridal shower cakes and immediately decided to do something cheesy with the word ‘showers’…After realizing ‘showers of happiness’ is quite long to write and I wanted a shorter word to convey the same message, a close adviser suggested ‘joy’, and then I said, “oh, duh”.

For the writing, I obviously didn’t want to mess up on the cake, so I wrote it (using chocolate candy melts in a Ziploc bag) on wax paper and let it harden on that first. Then I put it on the cake. It broke in some places, so I’d add some more chocolate or just strategically placed the letters so you wouldn’t notice they were broken. I think it worked!

Here’s a closer look. Stay classy, cursive! I put the words on slanted for a jaunty vibe.

And here’s the cake in the limelight, about to get served!

It was so much fun baking for a big party and having so many people enjoying the cake and getting seconds or requesting the recipe! I think my friend was quite happy with her cake – she said that her mom, who’s not usually a fan of mint, liked it a lot as well.

For the shower, I was in charge of a few other things, including the cheese and crackers.

Here’s cheese plate 1…look at the little flags I made!

…and cheese plate 2. I think these were well-enjoyed too. :)

So much deliciousness in one place! Since that day, I baked for a few more special events, so stay tuned!


  • Greg says:

    Feel free to make me a trial cake anytime, k?

  • Natalie says:

    I thought the title said “Permanent Chocolate Cake” at first. I’m not sure what that would be, but I got pretty excited.

    I’m impressed by all the careful planning and testing you did before baking this high-stakes cake! And it definitely paid off!

    • jendoo says:

      hahaha ooohmg, permanent chocolate cake would be amazing!
      Thanks so much! And thanks for your assurances that cakes without frosting on the sides look hip!

  • Melanie says:

    Agree with greg! Feel free to make me a trial cake! Esp a peppermint chocolate one! Good thinking about doing the writing on wax paper first! I wouldnt have thought of that! Turned out really good! Haha “oh duh”.

    • jendoo says:

      haha okay, next trial cake, I owe to you and Greg. Yeah, the wax paper thing is a little trick I learned! Way too scary to write directly on the cake…

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